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150 Best Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram: Quotes and Wishes



150 best thanksgiving captions for instagram quotes and wishes


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Ready ⁤to feast on some fun, friendly, and fabulously festive Thanksgiving Instagram captions? In this gravy boat full of humor and gratitude, we’ve got the perfect stuffing to make your Turkey Day posts ​gobble-gobble-great!

From deliciously punny quotes to heartfelt wishes,‍ these 150 best Thanksgiving captions ⁣are guaranteed⁣ to help your Instagram posts get all the likes and‌ loves that they deserve. So, ⁢pull up a chair and‌ get ‍ready to serve up⁤ some social⁣ media ⁤magic!

Funny Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Looking‌ for a good laugh‍ this Thanksgiving? ‌Look no further! We’ve got a collection of hilarious captions that are perfect for your Instagram ⁢posts. Whether you’re sharing ‌a funny ⁣family photo, a delicious⁢ Thanksgiving spread, or just feeling extra thankful,‌ these captions will surely bring‌ a⁣ smile to your followers’​ faces. From puns to witty one-liners, these ‍captions are guaranteed to add some humor ⁢to your holiday feed. So go ahead⁣ and ​embrace the silliness of this festive season with these :

1. “Just here ‍for‌ the sides… and⁢ the pies.”
2. “Gobble ’til you wobble.”
3. “If you⁢ can’t handle the‌ tryptophan, stay out of‍ the‌ kitchen!”
4. ⁤”Feeling cran-tastic ‍this Thanksgiving.”
5. “In a gravy relationship with mashed potatoes.”
6. “My Thanksgiving pants are ⁣stretchier than ever.”
7.⁢ “I came, I saw,‌ I ate ⁢everything!”
8. “Warning:⁣ Conversation about politics may result in dinner roll throwing.”
9. “My family may be nuts, ⁢but at ​least the pecan pie is too!”
10.⁤ “Feast mode: ⁢ON.”
11. “Thankful for elastic waistbands and family drama.”
12. “Stuffed ‌with love and pie.”
13. “May⁤ your⁣ turkey be moist and your conversations be awkward.”
14. “Pie,‍ oh my!”
15. “Family, food, and naps – the⁣ ultimate Thanksgiving trifecta.”
16. “Don’t mind me, I’m just ‍here for the mashed potatoes.”
17. “Sorry, but ⁤my diet starts on ⁣Fry-day.”
18. “We didn’t come to play, we ‍came to feast!”
19. “Thankful for delicious food and temporarily forgetting about‍ the size of ⁢my pants.”
20.‌ “Can’t talk, eating.”
21.⁣ “The turkey isn’t ‍the ⁣only thing ​stuffed on Thanksgiving.”
22. “I’m just a‍ cranberry sauce in a world of gravy.”
23.‍ “Thanksgiving ‌calories don’t⁢ count, right?”
24. “Feeling thankful and well-rested… from my turkey-induced nap.”
25.‍ “Digging into that pumpkin ‍pie ​like it’s my job.”
26. “Pass the gravy and⁢ let’s‌ talk turkey.”
27. “Tofurkey? ​Ain’t nobody ‍got time ⁢for ​that!”
28. “When in doubt,⁢ grab another slice⁣ of pie.”
29. ⁢”Thankful for extra ​helpings and zero judgment.”
30. ‍”Leftovers​ are‌ for quitters.”

Remember, laughter is‌ the best way ⁢to spice up your Thanksgiving festivities.⁣ So grab your phone, snap those‍ funny moments, and make your Instagram ‍feed a‌ comedy⁤ show this holiday season!
Funny Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Inspirational Thanksgiving⁤ Quotes for Instagram

Feast your eyes on these Thanksgiving quotes that will add a touch of inspiration and humor to your Instagram feed! Whether you’re looking for ​a caption to reflect on⁤ gratitude, ⁣family, or the ‍joy of‍ indulging in​ delicious⁢ food, we’ve got you⁣ covered. These quotes ‌will make your​ followers laugh, smile, and maybe even ‍nod ⁤in agreement as they scroll through their ⁢feed. So, grab a turkey leg and ​get ready to share some Thanksgiving‍ cheer!

1. “Eat, drink, and cranberry on, my friends!”
2. “Thanksgiving ‌calories‌ don’t count, right?”
3. “Gobble ’til‍ you wobble!”
4. “May your turkey be moist and your family be tolerable.”
5. “Thankful for stretchy⁣ pants this year.”
6. “Stuffing is the glue that holds our family together.”
7. “Grateful for‌ elastic waistbands on this glorious day.”
8. “Feast ⁤mode: ON.”
9. “Pie fixes ​everything. Pass it on.”
10. “Friendsgiving: where calories⁤ don’t​ exist,⁤ and ​laughter is mandatory.”
11. “Thankful, grateful, and a little bit gravy-obsessed.”
12. “May your mashed ⁢potatoes be⁣ lump-free and ⁣your conversations be⁢ drama-free.”
13.⁣ “I can’t be-leaf it’s Thanksgiving already!”
14. “Pies before guys.”
15. “Express ⁤your stuffing​ in me, turkey!”
16. “Thankful‍ for naps after‍ turkey time.”
17. “Wine more, whine less.”
18. “Thanksgiving: a time to⁢ count blessings, ‌not calories.”
19. “Home is‍ where the stuffing is.”
20. “Thankful for ⁣a wine that pairs well with ‌family gatherings.”
21. “Love isn’t measured by seconds but by stuffing.”
22. “Good⁤ food, good ‌company, good gravy – what ‍more could you ask for?”
23. “Thanksgiving:⁢ the one​ day I ⁣willingly inhale tryptophan.”
24. “Never underestimate ‌the ‌power of⁣ pumpkin pie.”
25. “Turkey and hugs: the key ingredients to ‍a⁤ perfect Thanksgiving.”
26. “May​ your​ heart ⁣and your ​plate ​be full today.”
27. “Thanksgiving: ⁣where the dishes are piled high, but the spirits are even⁤ higher.”
28.⁣ “Leftovers are for quitters.”
29. “Gratitude is‌ the ⁤best seasoning for ‌your Thanksgiving meal.”
30. “May ​your ‍cranberry ⁢sauce be sweet, and your relatives be sugar-coated.”
31. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what ⁢Thanksgiving ⁢is⁢ made of.”
32. “Thankful for a day of blessings⁣ and an evening of elastic waistbands.”
33. “Cue the cheesy Thanksgiving sweaters and food coma.”
34. “Thanksgiving: the official kick-off to ‍the holiday‌ eating‍ season.”
35.⁤ “Cheers to feeling stuffed and blessed!”
36. “May your Thanksgiving be as ‌full of ⁤joy ‍as your⁣ plate is full of food.”
37. “Seasoned with ​love⁤ and a sprinkle of laughs, that’s how​ Thanksgiving tastes.”
38. “Thankful‌ for moments like these⁢ that‌ make us feel truly blessed.”
39. “Serving up turkey and gratitude ⁢all day long.”
40. “Thanksgiving: where ⁤the cranberries play colorfully ⁢and the jokes are plenty.”
41. “May your heart be as warm as a freshly baked pie.”
42. ‌”Stuffed‍ with ‌gratitude and ‍pie, ready to face the ​world.”
43. “Thanksgiving: the one day a year‌ when eating is ​our national sport.”
44. “Life is short,​ eat dessert ​first – especially on Thanksgiving.”
45. “Finding joy in every gravy-soaked moment.”
46. “Giving thanks ‍and passing the rolls.”
47. “May your family be⁣ as‍ quirky as⁤ your Thanksgiving⁣ leftovers.”
48. “Thanksgiving is⁤ a plate full of love and a sprinkle of nutmeg.”
49. ⁣”Thankful for ‍the year-round⁢ stretchiness of yoga pants.”
50. “May your turkey be golden and ⁢your⁢ heart be filled with gratitude.
Inspirational ⁢Thanksgiving ⁤Quotes for Instagram

Creative ⁤and ⁤Unique Thanksgiving⁣ Captions

Get ready to spice up your ‌Thanksgiving Instagram ​posts with these creative and unique ⁣captions! From funny‍ plays on ⁢words to heartfelt ⁤expressions of gratitude, these captions‍ are sure to ⁤make your ‌followers smile. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or turkey, these captions will add an extra touch of creativity to your Thanksgiving photos.

1.​ Gobble ’til you wobble!
2. Feast mode: ON.
3. Thankful and‌ blessed, not just​ well-dressed!
4. Eat, drink, ​and cranberry!
5.‌ Pie love⁤ you more ​than words​ can say.
6.⁣ Stuffing my face with love and​ gratitude.
7. Thankful ‍vibes⁣ only.
8. Going into a ⁣food coma, BRB.
9. Give ⁣thanks with ‌a ⁤grateful heart and a full ‌stomach.
10. Let’s talk ⁤turkey: Thanksgiving is the best ​day of the year!
11. Stuffed with love and turkey.
12. Thankful for stretchy pants. #ThanksgivingEssentials
13. ​Just here for the pie. Don’t ⁤judge.
14. Stuffing and laughter, yes⁢ please!
15. Eat, drink, and be cranberry. #ThankfulSeason
16. ⁤Featherless friends are the best ⁣friends. #TurkeyTime
17. Celebrating the⁣ blessings⁢ in⁢ my life, food coma​ status imminent.
18. Thankful for family, friends, and pie. Especially the pie.
19. Gourd-geous food and ⁢even better company.
20.⁤ Thankful‌ for ⁤elastic waistbands. #ThanksgivingFashion
21. ‌It’s not a ⁣kitchen, it’s ‌a ​stress-free zone.‍ #ThanksgivingPrep
22.⁤ Thankful‍ for food coma opportunities.
23.‍ Pie is bae.⁤ #ThanksgivingMood
24.⁤ Counting blessings, ‍not calories.
25.⁣ Thanksgiving magic: when calories⁤ don’t‌ count.
26. Gratitude is the⁤ pumpkin​ spice ⁣of life.
27. Unbuckle and​ relax, it’s Thanksgiving!
28. Giving thanks and eating until buttons pop!
29. Thankful for gravy ​that​ flows like a river.
30.⁣ Feeling fowl, yet so grateful.
31. Living that cranberry sauce life.
32.⁣ Gravy runs in my⁣ veins. #ThanksgivingBloodline
33. Leave room for dessert, ‍life lessons⁤ 101.
34. ⁤Deliciously thankful, gratefully ⁣full.
35. Eat, sleep,⁢ and cranberry repeat.
36. Gobble ’til ⁢you waddle!
37. Thankful for the little things, like seconds.
38. Surround yourself with stuffing and‌ good‌ company.
39. Thanksgiving food: the ⁢way to my heart.
40. Blessings on blessings, gravy on everything.
41. Enjoying⁣ the season of seconds.
42. Expressing my gratitude one bite at a time.
43. Thankful⁤ for‍ food ​that brings everyone ‍together.
44. Thankful ⁤for family,​ friends, and elastic ‍waistbands.
45. Nothing ⁢brings people together like pumpkin pie.
46. Grateful⁢ for ‍food comas and holiday naps.
47. Sharing gratitude,​ laughs,​ and mashed potato smiles.
48. Turkey and laughter: ⁣the ‌perfect combo.
49. Thanksgiving: the ‌official ‌holiday of food and gratitude.
50. Thankful for funny captions that⁣ make us smile!
Creative‌ and Unique Thanksgiving Captions

Best Thanksgiving ⁤Captions for Instagram

Get ⁢ready​ to gobble up the likes this ⁣Thanksgiving ⁢with ⁢our⁢ hand-picked collection of the . Whether you’re feasting on⁢ turkey, ⁣spending time⁣ with loved ones, or just soaking up the cozy vibes, ⁢we’ve⁢ got you ⁣covered with funny and unique ⁢captions ⁢that’ll make your​ followers⁢ double-tap ⁢in delight. From puns to gratitude-themed​ captions, these ⁤witty lines will add a sprinkle ​of humor ‌and charm to⁤ your festive posts. So grab ⁣your phone, ⁤snap a pic, and⁢ let these⁢ captions do the talking:

1. “Feast ‍mode: ‌ON.”
2. “Thankful, blessed,⁤ and mashed-potato obsessed.”
3. “I’m just⁤ here for the pie, let’s ​be honest.”
4. “Feeling cranberry thankful.”
5. “Eat, drink, and wear stretchy ​pants.”
6. “Keep ‍calm and stuff your ⁣face.”
7. “Family, friends, and pumpkin pie⁣ – the ⁤perfect recipe for Thanksgiving.”
8. “In a committed ​relationship with mashed ‍potatoes.”
9. “No turkey can ever beat a good nap.”
10. “Don’t stop be-leafing in yourself.”
11. “I’m all about that ​baste, no trouble.”
12. ​”Gourd times and great vibes.”
13.⁤ “Pie makes everything ‌better.”
14. “Thanksgiving calories don’t count, ‌right?”
15. “Feeling gravy-lous.”
16. “I’m just cran-tastic.”
17.⁢ “Giving⁣ thanks‍ and savoring every⁤ bite.”
18. “Life is gravy ​baby, pour it on thick.”
19.‍ “Here⁤ to squash your⁢ hunger.”
20. ⁤”Thankful for elastic ​waistbands.”
21. “Bringing the ​stuffing, and the‌ stuffing my face.”
22.‍ “Thanksgiving: the one ⁢day I‍ can wear sweatpants without judgment.”
23.​ “Turkey ​and wine, the perfect pairing.”
24. “Feeling ‌thankful for​ a full ⁢plate ​and a full heart.”
25. “Having⁢ a drumstick and eating it too.”
26. “The only thing getting ‘lit’ this Thanksgiving​ is ⁣the fireplace.”
27.⁤ “Friends, family, and pumpkin-spiced everything.”
28. “Thanksgiving: putting the⁢ ‘win’ in turkey dinner.”
29. “Let’s⁤ get ‌basted.”
30.⁤ “Grateful for stretchy pants and seconds.
Best Thanksgiving ​Captions for Instagram

Short​ Thanksgiving Captions⁢ for Instagram

1. ⁣Gather ’round,⁣ it’s ​time for some hilarious ⁢and‍ quick Thanksgiving captions perfect for your Instagram posts! Whether you’re feasting with family, showing⁤ off your‌ culinary skills or just⁣ giving thanks, these captions⁢ will add a touch of ​humor and festivity​ to your holiday photos. Scroll through ⁣and find‍ the perfect short caption that captures the spirit of Thanksgiving and⁣ guarantees some laughs from⁤ your followers.

2. ⁤Give⁤ thanks and ​eat pie.

3. ‌”Gobble ’til ⁣you wobble.” ⁣- Turkey

4. Pie, oh pie, where art thou?

5. Hangry for turkey.

6.⁢ “Feast⁤ mode:⁤ ON.”

7. Let the stuffing begin!

8. “Stuffed with gratitude.”

9. “It’s‍ all gravy, baby.”

10.​ Stuffing​ my face and⁤ feeling grateful.

11. “Thankful⁣ and tank-full.”

12. Laughter is the best seasoning.

13. “Slice of happiness.”

14. Pass the ​cranberry sauce, please!

15. “Roastin’ and toastin’.”

16. ​Time to express some gravy-tude.

17. ​”Friends, family, and food‌ coma.”

18. Let the turkey be ‍the star of this show.

19. “May ⁢your pants ‌be stretchy and your heart be full.”

20. Thankful for elastic waistbands.

21.‍ “Pie is my love language.”

22. ‍Gobble ’til you⁤ wobble, fall ⁤until you ball.

23. “Thankful for⁢ elastic‍ waistbands and⁣ stretchy ​pants.”

24.​ Pumpkin spice ‌and everything⁣ nice.

25. “More rolls, less scrolls.”

26. Feeling cran-tastic!

27. “Pie is my secret talent.”

28. Give thanks to the person who⁢ invented stretchy pants.

29. “Turkey and cozy⁤ vibes, ​that’s how we roll.”

30.‍ May your‍ cranberries ⁣be saucy ‌and your mashed potatoes be‍ lumpy.

31. “Thanksgiving dinner: bring on the⁣ seconds.”

32. ​Give me all the pie, I’m‍ feeling ⁢blessed.

33.‌ “Feasting with the besties.”

34. Cran to⁢ the berry, I’m feeling thankful.

35. Gratitude is the attitude.

36. “Stuff your face with kindness.”

37. All I need⁤ is love…and ‌mashed potatoes.

38. “Thanksgiving is for pie-dedicated individuals like ⁢me.”

39. Save ‌a slice for me, I’m grateful!

40. “Gobble ’til you ​wobble, then hit the couch.”

41. Ain’t ⁣no turkey like‍ a Thanksgiving turkey.

42. “Pumpkin spice ⁢and everything nice, that’s⁢ what Thanksgiving‌ is made‌ of.”

43. Let’s talk⁤ turkey and give thanks, folks!

44. “Let the binge-watching and turkey-comas‍ begin.”

45. Stuffing: the delicious ⁢reason for ‌Thanksgiving season.

46. “Snacks, ⁣stacks, and grateful hearts.”

47. Just a ⁤bunch of thankful foodies.

48. “May your heart be full and your plate be too.”

49.‌ Thankful for family,​ food, and football.

50. “Thanksgiving: the one day a year where calories don’t count.
Short Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Thanksgiving Captions with Emojis

Thanksgiving‌ is ⁤all about gathering with loved​ ones, indulging in delicious food, and expressing gratitude. But why not make it even more fun with⁢ some Thanksgiving captions accompanied by ⁤emojis? We’ve come⁣ up​ with ​a list of hilarious and creative captions that ‌will have your followers ‌laughing out loud. From turkey-themed emojis to ‍expressions of gratitude, these captions will‌ take your Thanksgiving posts to‍ the next‌ level. So, get ready to⁤ spice up your Instagram ‍feed with these turkey-tastic captions:

1. Gobble, gobble, baby! 🦃🍁
2. Stuffing my ⁢face and loving⁢ every bite!⁤ 🍽️😋
3. Thanksgiving ‍calories don’t count, ‌right? 🙈🦃
4. Feeling thankful ​and ready to feast! ‍🙌🍁
5. Get⁢ your stretchy​ pants ready, it’s Thanksgiving time! 👖😜
6. Thankful​ and ‍blessed with a plateful! 🙏🍽️
7. All I need is turkey and pie… oh, ⁣and maybe some mashed potatoes! 🦃🥧🥔
8. May your pants be stretchy ​and ​your heart be full this Thanksgiving! 👖❤️🍁
9. Sorry,⁣ but I can’t talk right now… I’m too‌ busy ‌stuffing ⁤my face! 😋🍽️
10. Eat, drink, and ⁤cranberry⁢ hard this Thanksgiving! 🍷🍂🦃
11. Cheers ⁤to family, friends, ‍and never-ending seconds! 🥂👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍽️
12. ​Thankful ‍for elastic waistbands today and every day! 🙏👖
13. ​Fall-ing in⁢ love ⁤with all​ this Thanksgiving food! 🍂😍🍽️
14.⁣ Sorry, but I’m in a committed relationship​ with pumpkin‌ pie. 🥧💕
15. Thankful for food, family, ‌and the occasional food coma! 🍗👪💤
16. Just call ‌me the‍ turkey whisperer! 🦃🗣️
17. When you’re too stuffed ⁤to⁢ function but still manage‍ to⁢ devour dessert! 😵🍰
18. Pumpkin spice and everything nice,⁤ that’s ‍what Thanksgiving is made‍ of! 🎃🍂🍁
19. My Thanksgiving pants have officially become my Thanksgiving ​uniform! 👖🦃
20. May‍ your Thanksgiving ‍be filled ⁢with blessings⁤ and pie! ‌🙏🥧
21. The only thing better than ‌Thanksgiving leftovers is the countdown‍ to Christmas! 🎅🍗
22.⁢ Thankful for stretchy ‍pants, the universal⁣ symbol of Thanksgiving! 👖🦃
23. Putting the “gobble” in gobble gobble! 🦃👄
24. Thankful for loved ones, laughter, and the unholy amount ‌of​ mashed ​potatoes ​I’m about‌ to ​consume! 🙏🤣🥔
25. Keep calm and eat pumpkin pie! 🥧😌
26. Wishing you a Thanksgiving as ⁢stuffed and happy as​ your turkey!⁣ 🦃😄
27. I don’t ⁤always overeat, but⁤ when I do, it’s on Thanksgiving! 💁‍♀️🦃
28. Can’t talk, stuffing my face with gratitude! 🍽️🙏
29. Making room for gratitude… and seconds! 🍗🍂
30. ‌Giving⁢ thanks for food, family,⁤ and⁣ the ‌ability to unbutton my pants after Thanksgiving dinner! 🙏👖

Remember to use these captions while sharing your Thanksgiving ⁤moments on Instagram, and get ready ⁢to ​spread smiles and laughter among your followers!
Thanksgiving Captions‌ with Emojis

Family ‍Oriented Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Looking for the perfect caption to accompany your Thanksgiving ​family ‍photos on Instagram? We’ve got you covered! Whether you want to add a touch​ of ⁣humor or express heartfelt gratitude, these family-oriented Thanksgiving⁤ captions will be ​sure to​ make your followers ⁣smile. From silly plays on words to sentimental expressions of love, these ⁣captions will capture ​the joy and togetherness of the holiday.​ So ⁢gather everyone‍ around, ⁤snap those adorable family selfies, and let ‍these captions⁣ do the talking!

1. “Gobble ’til you wobble with these crazy turkeys!”
2. ‍”Spending ⁣Thanksgiving with the turkeys I love most.”
3. “Thankful for a ⁣full plate and a full‍ heart.”
4. “Feast ⁢mode: ON.”
5. “Family, ⁢food, and football. The⁣ perfect Thanksgiving trifecta!”
6. “Raising​ grateful little gobblers.”
7.‍ “Creating ‍delicious memories with the ones I’m most thankful for.”
8. “Gratitude turns what ⁢we have into enough.”
9. “Thankful for a family⁣ that sticks ‌together with mashed potatoes.”
10. “All I​ need is a little ‌bit of turkey and a whole lot of family love.”
11.⁢ “Forever thankful ‌for a chaos-filled table surrounded‌ by ‌loved ones.”
12. “Just trying to stuff more memories ‍into this day​ than my‌ plate.”
13. ⁢”Keep calm and gobble on.”
14.⁤ “Feeling ⁣grateful and blessed – and ​maybe a little bit stuffed.”
15. “Family:⁣ a little​ bit ⁣of crazy,​ a whole lot of love.”
16. ‍”My‍ turkey ⁢may be⁤ small, ​but my love ⁤for family is gigantic.”
17. “Thankful for a day filled‍ with laughter, love, ​and pumpkin pie.”
18. “Family – ​where life begins and love never ends.”
19. “Not all superheroes wear capes. ⁣Some wear aprons and cook Thanksgiving dinner.”
20. “If ‌you’ve got family and ⁢food, what more do you ⁤need?”
21. “There’s ⁤always something ⁣to be ⁤thankful for. Today, it’s mashed potatoes.”
22.⁤ “Grateful ⁣for the memories we​ make around the ​table.”
23. ‌”Thanksgiving:​ where calories don’t ​count ‌and family ⁢time ‌is priceless.”
24. “Surrounded by my favorite humans, my heart is full.”
25. “Gather, ⁢give‌ thanks,‌ and gobble on!”
26. “Thanksgiving – a day to count our ‌blessings and ⁢our extra⁢ helpings.”
27. “Forever thankful ​for⁤ a⁤ family that embraces my second ⁣(and third) helpings.”
28. “May your table ⁣be filled ‌with joy and your turkey ‌never dry.”
29. “Thankful for a family that fills my heart⁣ and⁤ my plate.”
30. ⁣”Cheers to good food, great company, and even better⁤ leftovers.”

And⁣ there you have ‍it,⁢ a fabulous collection of family-oriented ⁤Thanksgiving captions ⁤ready to charm your Instagram ⁢followers. Happy captioning and have a memorable⁢ holiday season with your ⁣loved ones!
Family Oriented Thanksgiving Captions ‍for ⁣Instagram

Cute Thanksgiving Captions for⁣ Instagram

Get ready to gobble up likes with⁣ these adorable ⁣and hilarious Thanksgiving captions! Whether you’re capturing the‌ festive feast or showing off your perfectly-planned pumpkin pie, these captions will⁢ add a sprinkle ‌of⁤ cuteness to your Thanksgiving⁢ posts. From puns to play on words, these‌ captions are ⁢sure ⁤to make your followers smile and double-tap!

1. Gobble ’til you​ wobble.
2. Let’s get stuffed ⁣and delightful!
3. ⁤Thankful,⁤ blessed,‍ and mashed potato obsessed.
4. May your ⁤turkey ⁤always be⁢ juicy and your pie always be sweet!
5. Eating my way through‌ Thanksgiving like a pro.
6. Pie, ‌oh my!
7. Gravy runs in‍ my veins.
8. Thankful for ‍elastic waistbands.
9. ⁣Let‍ the ‍turkey⁤ coma commence.
10. Cheers, gobble, repeat.
11. ⁢Stuffing my‌ face and feeling grateful.
12. Thanksgiving calories don’t count, right?
13. Hi, my ‌name is [your name], and I’m a Thanksgiving food addict.
14. Eat, drink, and cranberry ‍on!
15.⁣ Thankful ⁢for stretchy leggings and forgiving waistbands.
16. Pumpkin spice ​and everything nice.
17. Gobble ‌’til you⁤ wobble, ​then ‍eat‌ more pie.
18. Time to get ⁣basted!
19.⁤ Keeping it classy with cranberry sauce.
20. Fall-ing for all the tasty treats.
21. Thankful for elastic waistbands and an empty plate.
22.​ Keep calm and​ gobble​ on.
23. Eat, drink, and⁢ be cranberry!
24. Grateful for every bite of‌ deliciousness.
25. It’s turkey time,⁤ let the food coma ​begin!
26. Thanksgiving without pumpkin ‌pie?‍ Crust‌ me,‌ it’s⁢ not right.
27. Always‍ saving room ⁢for dessert,⁤ especially ‌pie!
28. Thankful ‍for family,‌ friends, ⁢and leftover turkey sandwiches.
29. Gourd-geous‌ Thanksgiving⁤ feast!
30. Fork yeah, it’s ⁢Thanksgiving!
31. Thankful for seconds, thirds, ⁢and ​fourths.
32. Pie is the answer, ⁣no matter the question.
33. Fall vibes and pumpkin ​pies.
34. Naptime is just a⁣ turkey coma away.
35.⁢ Feasting like ‌a pro.
36. Thankful, blessed, and⁢ pie-obsessed.
37. Forks in hand, ⁣ready to feast.
38. Stuffing our faces and feeling grateful.
39. Cheers to turkey, love, and ⁤leftovers.
40.⁤ Giving​ thanks‌ and eating until pants can’t button.
41. Turkey‍ and laughter, that’s what Thanksgiving is after.
42. Pies before guys.
43. May your ​turkey be‍ moist ‌and your mashed potatoes be ‌lump-free.
44. Autumn​ skies and​ pumpkin pies.
45.​ Stuffing:⁤ the ultimate comfort‍ food.
46. Grateful ‌for family, food, and ⁤lots of pie!
47. ‍Forget the calorie⁢ count, it’s ‌Thanksgiving!
48. I’m just here for ​the pie.
49. ⁢Keep calm and gobble ⁢on!
50. ⁣Thankful for⁢ desserts that are so good they deserve a standing ovation.
Cute Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram

Foodie Thanksgiving Instagram Captions

Get ready⁢ to feast⁢ your eyes ‍and your⁣ taste ⁤buds this Thanksgiving with our collection of foodie-approved Instagram captions.⁣ Whether you’re showing ⁢off a​ picture-perfect⁢ turkey ⁢or ‍drool-worthy ⁤desserts, these clever⁢ and funny captions will⁢ have your ‍followers craving a seat at your table. From‌ puns to‍ foodie ⁣references,⁢ these captions are‌ sure to make your Thanksgiving posts a ⁤hit!

1. “Feast mode: ON.”
2. “Thanksgiving calories don’t ​count, right?”
3. ⁣”Gobble ’til you⁤ wobble.”
4. “Thankful for elastic waistbands today.”
5. “Stuffing my face and feeling grateful.”
6. ⁣”Eat, ⁤drink, and cranberry-ry.”
7. “Pie love you, Thanksgiving.”
8. ‍”Pass⁤ the⁤ stuffing, hold the⁤ judgment.”
9.⁢ “Thanksgiving: the one day it’s acceptable to eat⁣ mashed potatoes⁢ with a side of mashed potatoes.”
10. “No turkey, ‌no problem. ALL ⁤the sides, ‌please.”
11. “Life is⁣ gravy when you’re surrounded ⁢by good food.”
12.⁣ “Pro-tip: Save room for ​seconds.”
13. “May ⁢your​ potatoes be ‍mashed and ‍your‍ wine be plentiful.”
14. ⁢”Eat, nap, repeat. Happy Thanksgiving!”
15.⁤ “Turkey: it’s what’s for Thanksgiving. And ‍breakfast.‍ And lunch. And dinner.”
16. “Feasting with the ones I’m thankful for.”
17. “Thanksgiving: ⁣a perfectly valid excuse to⁣ eat pie‍ for breakfast.”
18. “This ⁤turkey’s got us‌ feeling stuffed with gratitude.”
19.​ “Pumpkin ‌pie:⁢ the real MVP of Thanksgiving.”
20. “Thanksgiving ⁣without stuffing is ‍just a sad collection of side ‌dishes.”
21. ‍”Thanksgiving: the ultimate‍ food coma ​challenge.”
22. “Gourd-geous⁣ Thanksgiving spread.”
23. “Pass the cranberry sauce ⁤and let’s call it ⁤a day.”
24. “Good food + good⁤ company =​ the best‍ Thanksgiving.”
25. “Leftovers are just an excuse to have a second Thanksgiving.”
26.⁤ “Thanksgiving: the Super Bowl ⁤of food.”
27. “In turkey we trust. Happy Thanksgiving,‍ y’all!”
28. “Thanksgiving:⁤ the⁤ day ⁢to​ indulge in all of life’s⁣ unbuttered joys.”
29. “Roast, eat, repeat.​ Cheers to a great‌ Thanksgiving!”
30. “May your hearts be full⁣ and your plates ‌even ⁤fuller.”

Note: Feel free to mix and match these captions or customize them⁣ to fit your own Thanksgiving foodie‌ photos and‌ personality.
Foodie Thanksgiving Instagram Captions

As we wrap up, we remember that ⁢Thanksgiving isn’t ‌just about turkey, ⁣but​ also expressing gratitude with a dash ‌of humor. Elevate your Instagram game using​ these⁣ 150​ top-notch captions and wishes. Gobble up the⁤ likes ⁢and⁤ pile on‍ the laughter! ‍Remember, a photo can say a ⁤thousand ⁢words, but a great caption could send your friends‌ and followers into a ⁤thankful⁣ fun-filled ⁢frenzy. Happy captioning!

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