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120 Best Pool Captions for Your Poolside Pictures And Quotes



120 best pool captions for your poolside pictures and quotes


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Summer may not be a year-round affair, ⁤but the ‍joy of splashing in the pool certainly⁢ is!​ Whether you’re staging a‍ cannonball contest or perfecting the art of poolside ‍lounging, your poolside pictures deserve captions as cool as the blue⁢ water you’re diving into.

And that’s ⁣where we dive in! Puns intended, get ready to explore ⁤our splash-tastic list of‍ 120 best pool captions. These are⁣ the perfect accompaniment for your ‍Instagram-worthy, sunshine-drenched, ‌chlorine-scented snaps. Be ready with your⁤ floaties, ⁢we’re diving deep!

1. Best Pool Captions for Your Poolside Pictures

Get ready to dive into a ⁤pool of ⁢giggles with ⁤these hilarious ⁢and quirky captions that will make your poolside pictures stand out​ among the rest! From cheesy puns to clever one-liners, we’ve got just the ‍right words​ to complement your splashing⁢ moments. So grab ⁣your floaties, strike⁢ a pose, and let the captions ‍do the talking!

1. “Life is​ better in‍ flip flops and a poolside hat.”
2. “Sippin’ on sunshine‌ and poolside dreams.”
3. “If you need me, you can find me​ by the pool.”
4. “This pool is my happy place, and ⁢I’m never leaving.”
5. “Warning: May cause severe pool envy.”
6. “Splishin’ and splashin’ my way through summer.”
7. “Floating through life one pool day at a time.”
8. “Just keep swimming, just keep⁤ swimming…”
9. ⁤”Sun kissed and pool mesmerized.”
10. “Mermaid vibes and⁣ salty kisses.”
11. “Pool hair, don’t care. Summer, please stay forever!”
12. “My favorite⁢ accessory? A pool float, of course!”
13. “I’m floating on cloud nine… ⁤or is it just a pool float?”
14. “Chasing sunsets and poolside dreams.”
15. “Summertime and the living is pool-tastic!”
16. “Taking‍ lounging to a whole new level.”
17. “Pool days are the best days.”
18. “Having a splashing good time. Wish⁢ you were here!”
19. “In‌ a committed relationship with my pool.”
20. “Escape the ordinary and​ dive into paradise.”
21. “The only thing missing here ‌is a tropical drink in my hand.”
22. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pool time!”
23. “Making waves and creating smiles all summer long.”
24. “Living that mermaid life, sans​ tail.”
25. ⁣”The pool is calling, and⁢ I must go…”
26. “Feelin’ hot, ​hot, hot in this cool pool.”
27. “Never underestimate the power of a poolside selfie.”
28. “Dear water, I think I’m falling for you…”
29. “Sunshine is my⁣ favorite accessory for any pool day.”
30. “Poolside relaxation: the ultimate mood ​booster.”

Dive‍ in, explore and pick the ​perfect pool ⁣caption to add⁤ some extra oomph to ​your poolside pictures! Happy swimming!
1. Best Pool Captions for Your Poolside ⁣Pictures

2. Creative and Funny Pool Captions ⁤for Instagram

Get⁤ ready to dive into a world of fun and laughter with these ! Whether you’re splashing around with friends or⁢ lounging by the water,‌ we’ve got just the right words to add that extra ‌dose of humor to⁢ your poolside pictures. From clever ‍puns to witty one-liners, these captions will make your‍ followers crack a smile and⁤ leave them wanting to join in on the fun!

1. “Life’s a pool, dive ⁤right in!”
2. “Swim⁤ like nobody’s watching.”
3. “Keep ⁣calm and⁣ swim on.”
4. “I grow better ⁤in ‍water.”
5. “In a committed ​relationship with my pool.”
6. “No water, ⁤no​ problem. I can swim in sarcasm too.”
7. “Floatin’ on sunshine and good vibes.”
8. “Mermaid in training.”
9. “Water you waiting for?”
10. “Just livin’ the pool life.”
11. “Having ⁤a splashing time!”
12. “Feelin’ like a fish out of water… in a ‌good way!”
13. “Life is cool by the pool.”
14.​ “Pawsitively enjoying poolside adventures.”
15. “Soaking up vitamin sea.”
16. “Chasing sunsets and ​waves.”
17. “The pool is my happy place.”
18. “Working on my poolside glow.”
19. “H2O-addicted.”
20. “Loving the pool party vibes.”
21. “Sippin’ on cocktails, soaking in ⁣the sun.”
22. “Beach, please! The pool is where it’s at.”
23. “Floating through life, one pool at⁣ a time.”
24. “Splish, splash, I ​was takin’ a⁤ pool bath.”
25. “Water therapy: the best kind.”
26. “Adios ⁢reality, I’m off to the pool.”
27. “Turning pool days into memories.”
28. “When life gives you pool time, make a splash!”
29. “Finding my inner peace, one cannonball at a time.”
30. “Swimin’ ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it!”

So grab your swimsuit, grab your friends,⁢ and get ready to ‌make a ‍splash on Instagram with these funny and creative pool captions. Dive into the world of laughter and share the joy of poolside‌ adventures with your followers. ⁢Happy swimming!
2. Creative and Funny Pool Captions for Instagram

3. Inspiring Quotes​ Suitable for Pool Captions

If you’re searching for the perfect Instagram caption to accompany your pool photos, ⁣look no further! We’ve ⁣compiled a⁢ list of inspiring quotes that will make your pool captions‍ stand⁢ out from the crowd. Whether you’re‌ looking for something funny, uplifting, or just ⁢plain relatable, we’ve got you covered. Dive into‍ these captions and let ⁣your poolside adventures come to life!

1. “Life ⁤is better in a bikini.”
2. “Sippin’ on sunshine and poolside vibes.”
3. “Happiness is floating on an inflatable pineapple.”
4. “Pool hair, don’t care.”
5. “Swim like nobody is⁤ watching.”
6. “Chasing⁤ the sun, one pool at a time.”
7. “Summer is a state of mind.”
8. “Make a splash and leave a trail.”
9. “Ocean breeze, poolside ease.”
10. “Inflatable flamingos make everything better.”
11. “Stay cool, my friends.”
12. “Floating through life one pool at a time.”
13. “Sunshine,⁤ pool,​ repeat.”
14.⁢ “Just keep swimming.”
15. ​”Soaking up the⁢ sun and good vibes.”
16. “Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes.”
17. “In a pool state of mind.”
18. “Life’s a ⁢pool ⁤party, dive in!”
19. “Sun-kissed ​and poolside bliss.”
20. “Jump in and let the‍ worries float away.”
21. “Life⁢ is better when you’re floating.”
22. “Salty⁣ hair, sandy toes, ​poolside pose.”
23. “Escape the ordinary and dive into ⁢the extraordinary.”
24. “Swim your‌ heart ⁢out.”
25. “Tropical state of mind.”
26.⁢ “Paradise found, it’s in the pool.”
27. “Sunsets and poolside chats.”
28. “Happiness is a poolside cocktail.”
29. “Dive deep into your‌ dreams.”
30. “Life is cool by the pool.”
31. “Float away from your troubles.”
32. “Splish, splash, I was taking a soak.”
33. “Find me where the pool ends and the fun begins.”
34. “Sunshine⁤ and poolside shenanigans.”
35. “There’s no pool like home.”
36. “Swim, sip, and repeat.”
37. “Inflatable unicorn, a sure⁣ way‌ to make waves.”
38. “Dreaming of palm ​trees and poolside breezes.”
39. “Life is better with a little chlorine in it.”
40. “Poolside sunsets and endless adventures.”
41. “Slip, slide, and ⁤make a splash.”
42. “Just keep ⁤floating, just keep floating.”
43. “Summer nights, poolside lights.”
44. “I’m a poolaholic, and I’m‍ proud.”
45. “Float like a butterfly, soak like a boss.”
46. “Life is too short to stay dry.”
47. “It’s a mermaid kind‍ of day.”
48. “Leave your worries ‍at the pool’s edge.”
49. “Escape to paradise, one pool at a time.”
50. “Live, laugh, pool.”

Have a splashing good time using these captions for your ⁣pool photos and make a big splash on Instagram!
3. ​Inspiring Quotes Suitable⁢ for Pool Captions

4. Short and Sweet Pool Captions for Social Media Postings

Nothing beats a⁢ refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer day, and what better way to make your ​pool pictures stand out than with some short ‌and sweet captions? Whether you’re lounging by the‌ water, splashing with friends, or just soaking up the ‌sun, these clever, funny, and unique captions will make your social media postings a splash!

1. “Swim like nobody’s watching.”
2.⁢ “Pool hair, don’t care.”
3. “Life is ⁣better by the pool.”
4. “Stay cool, my friends.”
5. “Suns out, ⁤pool’s out.”
6. “Sipping on sunshine.”
7. “In need of vitamin sea.”
8. ‍“Make waves, not war.”
9. “Float like a butterfly, swim like a​ fish.”
10. ​“Just another day in paradise.”
11. “Splish, splash, splosh!”
12. ‍“Good times and ⁢tan ⁤lines.”
13. “No worries, just poolside stories.”
14. “Life’s a beach, and I’m just chilling by the ‍pool.”
15. “Keep calm ⁤and swim on.”
16. “Dive into happiness.”
17. “Waving goodbye to stress.”
18. “Sun-kissed and pool blissed.”
19. ⁤“Time for some pool therapy.”
20. “I’m on a liquid diet. Mostly ⁢pool water.”
21. “If it involves⁤ a pool, count me in.”
22. “Just ⁢keep ‌swimming, just keep swimming.”
23. “Tan lines fade, memories last forever.”
24. “Don’t just dip your toes, ‍make a splash!”
25. ⁤“Floatin’ on cloud nine.”
26. “Chilling by the pool, living like a watermelon queen.”
27. “Pool days are the best days.”
28. “Swim, laugh, repeat.”
29. “Sunshine and poolside vibes.”
30. “Catch ⁤me⁢ by the pool, ‍how ‘bout that?”

Remember, when it comes to pool captions, the ‌shorter ‍and sweeter, the better! So, choose your favorite, pair it with your amazing pool picture, and get ready to make a big splash on social media!
4. Short​ and Sweet Pool Captions for ⁢Social Media Postings

5. Pool Captions to Showcase Your Love for ⁤Swimming

When it comes to showcasing your love for swimming, the pool is your happy place, and what‍ better way to express your aquatic passion than with some clever and ⁢witty captions? Dive‍ into this collection of Instagram captions that perfectly capture the‌ joy, relaxation,‍ and hilarious moments ⁢that‌ come with spending​ time in the water. From puns to play on words, these pool captions ​are sure to make a splash on your followers’⁢ feeds!

1. Swim⁤ like nobody is watching.
2. Just another day in paradise… the pool.
3. Mermaid vibes, all day, every day.
4. Catch me by the ⁢pool, soaking up the sun.
5. Happiness is ‌finding⁤ a pool and jumping right in.
6. Splish splash, I love taking a ‌dip in the pool.
7. Life ⁢is cool by the pool.
8. Floating through life like a carefree buoy.
9. In need⁣ of Vitamin SEA and a pool pronto.
10. Keep calm and swim on.
11. My swimsuit and I are in a ‌committed relationship.
12. Relaxation is floating on the ‌water, drink in hand.
13. I’m here to swim and make cannonball-sized splashes.
14. My excuse for the day: I’m⁤ at the pool, making memories.
15. Every little thing is gonna be all right when I’m in the pool.
16. Pool hair, ‍don’t care!
17. Warning: Entering a splash zone!
18.​ Stay calm and swim on.
19. A day without swimming is like a pizza without ⁢cheese.
20. I’d rather be swimming in a pool instead of drowning in work.
21. Keep your friends‌ close but your pool closer.
22. The⁢ pool is my happy place; it’s liquid therapy.
23. Sipping⁢ on water and pretending it’s a ‍fancy cocktail.
24. Poolside leisures and heavenly‌ breezes.
25. Here to add some chlorine to the gene pool.
26. Paradise found – it’s⁢ in the deep end of the pool.
27. How ⁣to live my best life: poolside, with ​a cold drink, and a ​good book.
28. The pool is calling, and I must answer.
29. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
30.⁤ My favorite water is the kind in the pool!

31. In a relationship with my​ pool,⁤ it’s getting pretty serious.
32. You ​can’t buy happiness, ‍but you can buy a pool pass.
33. I come alive in the⁤ water; it’s​ my natural habitat.
34. Splashing my way ⁣through life like a⁢ mermaid on ​a mission.
35. Sun-kissed​ and pool obsessed.
36. Swim, laugh, repeat.
37. Float like a ⁣butterfly, swim like ⁢a ‌fish.
38. I didn’t choose the pool life, the pool life chose me.
39. The pool is the answer, ​no⁣ matter‍ the question.
40. Make waves and ride them.
41. My pool is my happy pill.
42. A day without swimming is like… just kidding, ‍I have no clue.
43.⁣ Keep your tan real and your pool game strong.
44. Let’s be ‌s-pool mates!
45. There’s no better⁤ place to wave goodbye to stress than at the pool.
46. Sometimes, you just have to dive into the deep end of life!
47. Surround yourself with⁤ pools, ⁤not fools.
48. When life gets tough, I swim with ⁢the current.
49. Living the dream, one pool day at a time.
50. My swimsuit and I are ready to ‌make a splash!
5. Pool Captions to Showcase Your Love​ for Swimming

6. Summer-Themed Pool Captions for‍ Warm Weather Photos

Looking for the perfect captions to go with ‍your sizzling summer pool photos? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a variety of fun and creative options that will make your Instagram posts stand ​out. Whether you want something light-hearted, punny, or simply capture the ​essence of the season, these captions will bring the heat to your feed. Dive in and choose the one that suits ⁢your mood:

1. “Sun’s out, pool’s out!”
2. “You can’t swim with us!”
3. “Paradise found.”
4. “All sun and games.”
5. ⁤”Having ⁣a splashing good time!”
6. “Beach hair, poolside flair.”
7. “Life is better by the pool.”
8. “Suns out, buns out!”
9. “Just keep swimming.”
10. “Making a splash this summer!”
11. “Tropic like⁢ it’s hot.”
12. “Floatin’ on cloud nine.”
13. “Pool hair, don’t care.”
14. “Feeling pool-tastic!”
15.​ “Summer:‌ when time stands still ‌in the water.”
16. “Water you waiting for? Jump in!”
17. “Chilling by the pool like​ a summertime boss.”
18. “Keep calm and ⁤swim on.”
19. “Soaking up the sun, one dive at a time.”
20. “Sunny vibes and poolside tides.”
21. “When the heat ‌is on, we head for the pool.”
22. “Sippin’ on sunshine and poolside dreams.”
23. “Making a ⁢splash ⁢in my⁤ happy place.”
24. “Stay cool, stay fabulous.”
25. “Swim like ⁤nobody’s watching.”
26. “Catchin’ rays and makin’ waves.”
27. “Just add water for instant summer fun.”
28. “Poolside is my happy place.”
29. “Water you doing ‍this summer? ⁤Pool party!”
30. “Living​ that float life.”
31. “Sunshine, pool⁢ days, and good vibes only.”
32. “Dive into summer with style!”
33. “Sink or swim? I choose to‌ float⁤ in summer bliss.”
34. “Beach please, I’m all about the pool!”
35. “Splish, splash, summer’s⁣ a blast!”
36. “Tanning game: strong.⁣ Pool game: ​stronger.”
37. “Poolside⁣ sunsets and golden memories.”
38. “Make a splash and leave your worries behind.”
39. “Poolside chilling: my kind of therapy.”
40. “Waving goodbye to my worries, one dive at a time.”
41. “Inflatable toys and endless joy.”
42. “Swimming through summer like a fish in the sea.”
43. “Drink in hand, toes in the ⁣water, living my best life.”
44.‌ “Lazy⁢ summer ‌days, poolside always.”
45. “Poolside paradise: the ⁤ultimate escape.”
46. “Jump in, the water’s perfect!”
47.⁣ “Summer: the season of blue skies ‌and poolside highs.”
48. “Making memories that ‌will float forever.”
49. “All I need is a pool​ and some sunshine.”
50. “Sun-kissed skin and ⁤chlorine dreams.”

Get ready to make your summer pool photos the talk of the town with these epic captions! Enjoy the sun, the water, and your amazing Instagram game!
6. Summer-Themed Pool Captions for Warm ‌Weather Photos

7. How to Craft the Perfect Pool Caption for Your Photos

You’ve taken the perfect selfie, your poolside pose is on point, ​and now⁤ all that’s left⁤ is to create the perfect caption ⁢that will make your followers dive headfirst into the pool of envy. Crafting a witty and funny caption is essential to make your pool ⁤photos stand out. Dive into our list ⁤of Instagram captions that will surely make a⁣ splash:

1. “Just a water ​baby living her best life.”
2. “Floating through life ‌like a unicorn in a pool.”
3. “Sun, pool, and a whole lot of fun. Life’s in the splash zone!”
4. “Let ‍the ‍pool ​be your happy place and the caption be your witty space.”
5. “Mermaid vibes and salty kisses.”
6. “Life’s‌ too short to stay dry. Jump in and make a splash!”
7. “When ‍real life ⁤gets too hot, find solace in the pool.”
8. “Summer: making ⁣waves and catching rays.”
9. “In a committed relationship⁢ with my ‍pool float.”
10. “Chasing my tan and all the fun in the sun.”
11. “Happiness is‌ a pool and a drink in each⁤ hand.”
12. “Keep ​calm and plunge into the turquoise blue.”
13. “Feeling like a floating flamingo in a sea of unicorns.”
14. “When‌ life gives you lemons, make a poolside cocktail.”
15. “If you’re having a bad day, just imagine me floating in a⁣ giant donut.”
16. “Poolside vibes and‍ vitamin D highs.”
17. “Palm⁤ trees and pool breeze, that’s all I need.”
18. “Water you waiting ‍for? The pool’s calling!”
19.⁣ “Beach hair, don’t care. All I need is the pool ⁢chair.”
20. “Stay‍ cool, ‌make waves, and enjoy the poolside raves.”
21. “Pro tip: the pool is the best therapist money can buy.”
22. “Don’t be koi, come join me in the pool.”
23. “A day without the‌ pool is​ like ‌a day without sunshine.”
24. “Life may not be‍ perfect, but my pool days are.”
25. “Water therapy: the ⁤best kind of therapy there is.”
26. “Happiness ⁣is a pool selfie that captures your‌ perfect splash.”
27. “Keeping it cool and classy, one pool pic at a time.”
28.​ “Sippin’ on sunshine and ⁣swimmin’ in good vibes.”
29. “The pool is my sanctuary, where chlorine clears away all worries.”
30. “Living that mermaid life, just add water.”

So, next time you’re hanging by the pool with your camera in hand, choose one of these witty captions and watch your‍ likes and comments skyrocket!
7. How to Craft the‍ Perfect Pool ‍Caption for Your Photos

8. Captivating⁢ Long Pool Captions for Your Poolside Pictures

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a dip, ‍you need the perfect‌ caption to make your poolside pictures pop! Look no⁤ further, because we’ve got you covered with these captivating long pool captions that will have⁣ your followers diving into envy. From hilarious one-liners to playful puns,‌ there’s something here for everyone. So get ready to make a splash⁣ on Instagram with these catchy captions!

1. “Life is better by the poolside.”
2. “I’m feeling pool-ish.”
3. “Sunshine and pool vibes.”
4. “Just a​ girl ‍(or guy) and her pool.”
5. ⁤“Splish, splash, ⁢it’s pool time!”
6. “Pools are my happy place.”
7. “Mermaid vibes only.”
8. “Pool ‍hair, don’t care.”
9. “Living my best⁣ poolside​ life.”
10. “Saltwater runs through my veins.”
11. “Chasing those endless summer days.”
12. “Keep calm and ‍swim on.”
13. “Floating my way through life.”
14. “Just keep swimming.”
15. “Life is cool by the pool.”
16. “H2O is where the heart is.”
17. “Summer + pool = paradise.”
18. “Sundays are meant for poolside lounging.”
19. “The only ‍BS I need is a pool and sunshine.”
20. “Jump in, the water’s fabulous!”
21. “Having a splashing good time.”
22. “Cheers to pool days and tan lines!”
23. “Water you waiting for?”
24. “Get your Happy Pool Days here!”
25. “Tropic like it’s hot!”
26. “Float like‍ a⁢ flamingo, sting like a bee!”
27. “Feeling⁣ completely poolish!”
28.⁢ “Paradise found, it’s called the pool.”
29. “I’m on a liquid ⁤diet… in the pool!”
30.⁤ “Pools are my therapy sessions.”
31.‌ “When in doubt, paddle ⁢it out.”
32. “Life’s a beach, but I prefer the pool.”
33. “Making waves and riding them too!”
34. “Chillin’ by the pool, keepin’ it cool.”
35. “Poolside is where I find my inner peace.”
36. “Let’s pool together and have some fun!”
37. “Escape the ordinary, dive into the pool.”
38. “All I need is sunshine⁣ and a pool.”
39. “Sunscreen‍ and swimsuits, it’s pool season!”
40. “Warning: sunscreen required for entry.”
41. “Embrace your inner water baby.”
42.‍ “Sun, ​pool, repeat.”
43. ​“Forever⁤ chasing those⁣ summer ⁣dreams.”
44. “Poolside: my happy​ place.”
45. “Out of the office, into the pool.”
46. “The only thing missing is a pool boy.”
47. “Sun-kissed and pool obsessed.”
48. “Life’s too short to​ stay on ⁣the shore.”
49. “Just winging‍ it, poolside.”
50. “Poolside chilling, the best kind of thrillin’!”
8. Captivating Long Pool Captions for Your Poolside Pictures

9. Pool Party Captions for ⁤Celebrating Good Times

Welcome to the​ ultimate guide to pool party‌ captions that will perfectly capture the vibe ⁢of​ celebrating good times by the water! Whether you’re hosting a wild splash bash or just lounging with your squad, these⁤ captions will add an extra splash of fun to ‌your poolside pictures. Get ready ​to dive into a pool full ⁢of witty, playful, and hilarious captions that will make your Instagram‍ followers laugh out loud and⁣ wish they ⁤were ⁣partying with you!

1. ⁣Life is better in a bikini, sipping on a cocktail, and soaking up the⁣ sun.
2. Splish, splash, having a bash!
3. Pool party vibes only!
4. Keep calm and pool party on.
5. We’re making waves and‍ memories ⁢today!
6. Good times and tan lines.
7. Sun-kissed and poolside, that’s where I need to be.
8. Let your hair down, dive into the pool, and enjoy the ride.
9. Turning the⁢ pool into our⁣ happy ⁢place, one⁢ cannonball ⁣at a time.
10. Pool hair,⁣ don’t care!
11. Catch me by the pool, how ⁤’bout that?
12. Donut​ disturb, we’re having a pool party!
13. Sun, pool, laughter – the‍ perfect equation for a fabulous time.
14. Cheers to endless summer days and poolside play!
15. Happiness is floating​ on a⁣ colorful inflatable with⁤ your besties.
16. Sippin’ on sunshine by the poolside.
17. Keep your friends close and your pool floaties closer.
18. ‌Poolside⁣ paradise has my heart.
19. We’re splashing away the ⁤real world, one water fight at a time.
20. Celebrating good times and cannonballs at the⁢ pool!
21. Chasing rainbows and summer‍ dreams at ⁣the pool.
22. Salt in the air, chlorine in my hair, summer in my heart.
23. Ain’t no party like a pool⁣ party, because a pool party don’t‍ stop!
24. When in doubt, just add water.
25. The sun may set, but‌ the memories from this pool party will last forever.
26. Shake off the sand, jump in the pool,‍ and let the ⁣fun begin!
27. Unleash your ‌inner mermaid/men at ​our⁤ pool gathering!
28. Happiness is lounging with friends by the pool.
29.⁤ Pool rules: relax, float, and have a blast!
30. There’s no wrong way to do a pool party, as long as there’s plenty of laughter and sunscreen!

So, choose your favorite caption, grab your pool floaties, and get ready to celebrate good times in‍ style with an Instagram ⁤pool party extravaganza!
9. Pool Party Captions for Celebrating Good Times

In conclusion, these 120 pool captions are your perfect partners to ⁢complement those fancy poolside snaps and make you the Instagram sensation of the ⁣summer. Say goodbye to ​caption stress, dive⁤ into these quotes, ​and watch the likes flow in faster ‍than a cannonball splash! Your poolside story‌ just got cooler, one caption at a time. So, ready to make a‌ splash on social media, folks?⁣

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