Valentine Week List 2019 (7th Feb to 21st Feb) Dates, Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day

Valentine’s Day is also called as Saint Valentines Day or Feast of Saint Valentine which celebrated on February 14th every year. It is commemorated with massive happiness, joy, and enthusiasm by lovers/couples. The prestigious occasion of Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. Love birds in every nook and corner of the globe wait a whole year for this glorious event of Valentine’s Day. On this beautiful day, people convey their heartfelt feelings and emotions to their loved ones by sending flowers, chocolates, gifts, greeting cards and much more.

Valentine’s day is very special for people who are going to be a couple, already who are couples, and who are getting married. And to celebrate Valentine, there is no age limit. people from all age groups can enjoy these days and please their partners.

When you are in a relationship, it is very important to express what you think of your partner, how he/she has brought joy in your life. This act subconsciously tells your partner that you realize whatever he/she does for you and this makes them feel satisfied. So if you are the one who wants to take the opportunity of Valentine’s Week to make feel special to your partner then this is the place to find right information and guidance.

Below, you will find the full Schedule of Valentine Week List 2019 with dates and complete information.

Valentine Week List 2019

The auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on 14th February of every year is preceded by Valentine’s week. It starts from 7th of February and it continued till 14th of February. It is popularly known as Valentine’s week. After Valentine’s Day, the next seven days are also celebrated with special days & names. Below we have provided the Valentine Week List 2019 for your reference. Go through it and understand the importance of each and every day which observed during this love week.

Rose Day 7th Feb 2019

The wonderful week of Valentines Day begins with Rose Day. Be careful while choosing a particular colored Rose because each color has different meaning in language of Love. Lovers celebrates this day by giving different colors of roses such as red, yellow and pink roses to their loved ones in order to convey their deep sentiments and feelings to them.

Propose Day 8th Feb 2019

The Second day in the Valentine week list is known as Propose day which celebrated every year on 8th of February. This is most significant and perfect day for lovers to propose their beloved ones and pamper them with a bunch of lavish gifts and flowers. And the gift can be anything your partner likes but people choose to give a bouquet of flowers with a hand Ring. Propose in such a way that your partner will remember the moment for lifetime.

Chocolate Day 9th Feb 2019

Chocolates or any sweet dessert enhances our charm and even bad mood. On the cutest eve of Chocolate Day, you can spread happiness and fondness by offering a favorite chocolate to your sweet valentine and make him/ her impressive. It is given to showcase your deep love towards your partner.

Teddy Day 10th Feb 2019

Who doesn’t love Teddy? On the amazing event of Teddy Day love birds all over the globe gift their special ones, a huge collection cute and adorable teddies. As we all know girls are very much fond of teddy bears and teddies are one of the charming gifts that are to be given to love of your life. Thus, on this year’s Teed Day, go ahead and delight your dearest one with pretty and lovely teddy bear.

Promise Day 11th Feb 2019

Promise plays a key role in any relationship and fulfilling the promise is the second most important thing for a healthy relationship. Love is the precious feeling on the earth that comes in with a long list of responsibilities, promises, commitments and more to add on. So, grab this opportunity and make a promise to your love that you will show loyalty and keep him/her happy throughout their life. Promise your partner that you will not leave them alone at any up and down in life, together you will make your lives better.

Hug day 12th Feb 2019

Hug Day is celebrated two days before the most precious day of Valentine’s. This day, provides you a wonderful chance to exhibit your never ending love towards your lover with a tight and warm hug. Hug has scientific benefits on health. When you hug a person it immediately increases oxytocin level which heals loneliness and anger. When you hug your partner it indicates a feeling of protection, care and affection.

Kiss Day 13th Feb 2019

The 6th day of Valentine week is Kiss Day. It is one of the most popular days of the love week. On this day, couples get a golden chance to express their innermost love with a sweet gesture of kiss. This Kiss day, try to convey your expression of love to your dear one and make this truly romantic and memorable to him/her.

Valentines Day 14th Feb 2019

Finally, the big day, Valentine’s Day which holds a lot of importance in couple’s life is celebrated on 14th February. It is an extremely anticipated day for all individuals around the world. On this lovely day, couples express their gesture of love and affection for each other. The day of love celebrates the fondness, emotions, care and passion with immense merriment and zeal.

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Valentine Week Date 2019 (7th Feb to 21st Feb) Schedule / Calendar

The season of love, Valentine’s Day is one of the much-awaited days of the year for all the lovers across the world. Everyone eagerly waiting for this beautiful day as it offer them an essential opportunity to express their love and admiration towards their dearest ones and make this day truly special for them. With Valentine’s Day 2019 is approaching fast, and hence here we have shared a detailed information regarding Valentine Week Sheet 2019 with days and dates.

Valentine Week Date 2019 List as follows:

Valentine Week DaysValentine Week Dates
Rose DayThursday,7th February 2019
Propose DayFriday, 8th February 2019
Chocolate DaySaturday,9th February 2019
Teddy DaySunday,10th February 2019
Promise DayMonday,11th February 2019
Hug DayTuesday,12th February 2019
Kiss DayWednesday,13th February 2019
Valentines DayThursday,14th February 2019
Slap DayFriday,15th February 2019
Kick DaySaturday,16th February 2019
Perfume DaySunday,17th February 2019
Flirting DayMonday,18th February 2019
Confession DayTuesday,19th February 2019
Missing Day Wednesday,20th February 2019
Break Up DayThursday,21st February 2019

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